MASTER xp5000 5W/30

ApplicationMotor Oil
QualityFully Sentetik
Product RangeAutomobile
Viscosity Grade 5W/30
Performance LevelLook At Technical Data Sheet
Packages1 Lt Plastic Can, 4 Lt Plastic Can, 7 Lt, 10,5 Lt, 180 Kg Barrel, 850 Kg IBC

Doill MASTER xp5000 5W/30 is a fully synthetic engine oil especially designed for low viscosity and high performance diesel, gasoline, LPG and bio-diesel engines. In addition, the FORD WSS M2C 913 D standard fully covers the previous FORD WSS M2C 913 A, 913 B and 913 C specifications.

Doill MASTER xp5000 5W/30 provides the following features and benefits:
• With its excellent oxidation stability, it reduces the formation of deposits and residues in the engine and helps the internal cleaning of the engine.
• It provides excellent protection against abrasion even in all driving conditions with its compatibility to high and low temperature conditions.
• It provides superior protection against abrasion during the first operation in harsh cold weather.
• Doill MASTER xp5000 5W/30 saves up to 10% fuel for starting and short trips in the city (compared to 15W/40 reference oil)
• Suitable for STOP-START vehicles.

Technical Data Sheet
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