CONQUEROR 3000 MX 15W/40

ApplicationMotor Oil
Product RangeHeavy Duty
ACEA StandartsE7
Viscosity Grade 15W/40
API StandartsCI-4
Performance LevelsLook At Technical Data Sheet
Packages20L Plastic American Can, 180 Kg Barre, 850 Kg IBC

Doill CONQUEROR 3000 MX 15W/40, Dynamic Protection oils, in all pressure and temperature ranges found in advanced engines. Up to a high-resolution, valve-air correction process in the pistons – prioritization and conditions opportunities to play are provided. Uniform oils, especially for fleets with vehicles of different brands by controlling and remote
It provides excellent soot and viscosity control and superior wear protection. Doill CONQUEROR 3000 MX 15W/40, state-of-the-art, high-power, heavy-duty diesel made in Europe, USA and Japan It provides superior protection and performance in motor road and construction machinery applications.

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