EXTREME xp6000 5W/30

ApplicationMotor Oil
QualityFully Synthetic
Product RangeAutomobiles
Viscosity Grade 5W/30
Performance LevelLook At Technical Data Sheet
Packages1 Lt Plastic Can, 4 Lt Plastic Can, 180 Kg Barrel, 850 Kg IBC

Doill EXTREME xp6000 5W/30 is a fully synthetic engine oil that is fully compatible with the latest diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in diesel vehicles and catalytic converters (CATs) in gasoline vehicles. Doill EXTREME xp6000 5W/30 is an engine oil produced as a special mixture with Titanium – Gold Alloy Tech technology that provides high film making, ultra lubrication and high compressor efficiency. Thanks to its high TBN value, it provides a high level of cleaning inside the engine and long service mileage. Doill EXTREME xp6000 5W/30 is designed to provide superior performance and ultra protection, as well as helping to benefit fuel economy. It is recommended for vehicles with Stop-Start. Suitable for Diesel, Gasoline and LPG vehicles.

Technical Data Sheet
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