TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30

ApplicationMotor Oil
QualitySemi Synthetic
Product RangeAutomobile
Viscosity Grade

Performance LevelLook At Technical Data Sheet
Pacages1 Lt Plastic Can, 7 Lt Plastic Can, 180 Kg Barrel, 850 Kg IBC

Doill TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30 provides maximum cleaning and surface protection with its multi-vehicle formulation. It has been designed as the most advanced performance and synthetic technology engine oil to maintain the cleaning and smoothness performance in all kinds of engines. Doill TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30 meets all the needs of vehicles, including gasoline, diesel, old and new all vehicle engines. Doill TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30 has been tested on all types of vehicle models and engines.

Doill TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30 is an engine oil fortified with ultra high performance synthetic base oils and today’s most advanced additive systems. With its unique design, Doill Tesla Nova 3100 10W/30 provides superior level, indefinite performance, cleaning power and the highest level of engine protection. Doill TESLA NOVA 3100 10W/30 meets API and OEM ILSAC GF-4 fuel economy service standards. With its superior additive technology, it provides ultra-cleaning with excellent film-making thickness and high TBN value in your engine. It provides protection to your engine against friction during fuel combustion.

Technical Data Sheet
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