Gearpro Series

Doill Gearpro Series are extra high performance gear oils having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load-carrying properties, intended for use in all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. Doill Gearpro Series is designed to stay ahead of the changing needs of gearbox technology. Gearbox technology design trends are towards smaller units with similar power throughput. This increase in power density places increased demands on gear oils. Doill Gearpro Series oils are formulated to meet the stress by providing extra protection for gears, bearings and seals.

Doill Gearpro Series is formulated to protect gear teeth from wear at its earliest stages. Microscopic wear, called micro-pitting, can lead to significant gear tooth damage. Doill Gearpro Series exceeds the industry requirement for bearing wear protection. In fact, Doill Gearpro Series provides up to 15 times the wear protection as measured by the industry standard FAG FE 8 test. Doill Gearpro Series’ balanced formulation is able to provide maximum wear and corrosion protection while maintaining compatibility with common gearbox seal materials. Doill Gearpro helps to maintain gearbox seal integrity thereby preventing oil leaks and keeping contamination out. By protecting the gears, bearings and seals, Doill Gearpro can improve equipment reliability and increase productivity.

Doill Gearpro Series oils are recommended for industrial spur, helical and bevel enclosed gears with circulation or splash lubrication, operating at bulk oil temperatures up to 100ºC. They are particularly suitable for gear sets working under heavy or shock loads. Doill Gearpro oils also find broad application in marine gearing applications. They may also be used in non-gear applications include highly loaded and slow speed plain and rolling contact bearings.